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We are a dynamic, developing company and our activity is based on very well defined principles and values, our purpose being the satisfaction of our clients, offering them prompt services, of an irreproachable quality.
We offer you integrated services of accountancy, human resources and payroll, fiscal and financial – accounting consultancy.
Our team consists of very well trained professionals, with experience, energy and enthusiasm. In our activity we insist on accuracy, communication, identification and fulfillment of the requirements of our clients, solutions applied to the punctual needs of each client, the quality and professionalism in businesses, accumulated experience.
We offer customized services, adapted to each client, and, for this purpose, we make customized offers, based on the profile and needs of each client, and these offers are individually negotiated.

Why should I choose the outsourcing of the accountancy services?
This is a question addresses by many of you. In the current modern economy, the outsourcing of the accounting services became a need for all economic agents. From a commercial point of view, “the outsourcing of the accounting department”, named by the specialists “Accounting Outsourcing”, represents a benefic alternative for significant savings in the budgets of many companies in Romania. In the case of a company which has an accounting department, it is important to eliminate the concerns related to the employees, the salaries of the employees who work in the department, the conditions that the company may put at disposal.
Analyzing the price – quality report, the outsourcing of the accounting services becomes a very good solution from all points of view. So, in the case of the identification of a major problem, the persons responsible with the accounting department have the possibility to use knowledge from outside the company. But, if the company will decide to employ a company which provides services in the accounting-financial field, no difficult situation will appear, because the consultants are available whenever you want to contact them, they have no days off and they work as much as it is necessary without requesting a rise in salary. The expenses are entirely deductible, because it will be issued to the company a monthly invoice for the performance of the accounting services.
Through the outsourcing of the accounting department, it is obtained a centralization of all information in the company. The outsourcing of the personnel and accounting services is a solution which confers the companies the possibility to have results with minimum costs and, at the same time, the support of experts in the field, in this manner avoiding the unpleasant surprises caused by the continuous changes in legislation.
The content of the accounting outsourcing consists of:

  • Continuous accountancy based on the accounting documents supplied by the client, according to the accounting and fiscal legislation in force.
  • The assurance of a permanent assistance for the client in the relation with the public institutions.
  • Drafting and submission of the financial statements and financial situations compulsory according to the legislation in force.
  • Representation of the client in front of the fiscal inspectors.
  • Drafting of periodical centralized reports, adapted to the requirements of the clients.
  • Drafting of the reports requested in the case of the group consolidations of the clients.
  •  Drafting of specialized reports GAAP or IAS/IFRS according to the requirements of the client.
  •  The preparation of the necessary documents in the case of the financial audits at the office of the client and the cooperation with the auditors.
Granting of consultancy for the reorganization of the financial and accounting processes and flows of the client.

For any other details and for an informal and open discussion regarding our services of accountancy outsourcing and more, please, do not hesitate to CONTACT US.


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