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Offered services

  • Documents processing and drafting of the financial – accounting evidence
  • Drafting and submission of the periodical financial statements, according to the fiscal vector of each client
  • Drafting of the annual and quarterly financial situations
  • Accounting – financial consultancy
  • Accounting review
  • Drafting of the reporting packs for management, in the format requested by the client
  • Assistance in the implementation of the accountancy and administration programs
    Payroll and personnel
  • Calculation of the salaries
  • Drafting and submission of the statements for social securities
  • Evidence and administration of the ReviSal program – Electronic Register of Evidence of the Employees
  • Other declarative obligations
  • Administration of the documents for the personnel
  • Statistic reporting
  • HR consultancy
  • Non-residents
  • Expats
  • Tax on profit
  • VAT
  • Tax on income for the small size enterprises
  • Fiscal consultancy regarding: the tax on profit / income, VAT, withholding tax, local taxes and fees, social contributions
  • Drafting and certification of the fiscal statements
  • Assistance during the fiscal control, control regarding reimbursement of VAT
  • Fiscal registration of the companies for VAT purposes, including in the Register of the Inter-community Operators
  • Tax due-diligence
  • Fiscal representation of the non-residents in Romania (for VAT purposes, tax on income from assignment of claims, etc)

  • Services of fiscal and accounting expertise
    Services for the total or partial outsourcing of certain activities, based on the necessities and desires of each client.

We are able to represent the client with professionalism, acting in his name, based on the clear instructions received from him, for the performance and administration of the payments of the company, the relation with the fiscal authorities, with the Trade Register, the implementation of the internal procedures of the accounting department, etc.

    Fiscal and financial – accounting consultancy

Our team of professionals – qualified accountants and fiscal consultants – offer you fiscal and financial – accounting consultancy, having a pro-active approach of optimization of the taxes and fees and acting as a strategic partner in the development of the integrated solutions from a fiscal, accounting and legal point of view.

    Specialized services of consultancy and legal representation

We collaborate with our partners from Theohari Law Office – a law company, exclusively orientated to business, in order to offer you specialized services of legal consultancy, and also representation services in the relations with the administrative authorities and courts, in the field of the commercial law, law right, competition law, and other related legal fields.

    IFRS reporting and group consolidation

 Based on the financial situations in compliance with the internal legislation, we offer to our clients the periodical drafting of the financial situations in IFRS format or in the format approved by the group in which the client is part, in English language and in the desired reporting currency.
We consider that the above presented ones represent the guarantee of the professional seriousness which recommends us for a successful partnership.

For any other information, you may visit our website,, or you can contact us to the phone numbers in the header. For any other details and for an informal and open discussion regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.